About Us

Bernard Sr. and his wife Jean Villeneuve started transporting milk in 1962. In 1988 Bernard Sr. formed S.D. & G. Milk Transport making his daughter Nicole and son Bernard Jr. partners. The company started with 2 tandem straight trucks and their office was located in their home on Dyer Road in Maxville, ON.
In 2004, a new partnership was formed and Nicole and her husband Raymond became the owners, and right away started to grow the company purchasing more milk routes.

Fast forward to 2013, Nicole and Raymond along with their two sons Jason & Phillip, decided to make a change, they moved their business closer to home and expansion took place.


The company has since grown to a 3 bay garage with offices and full-time mechanic to house their growing business.
With the support of our dedicated employees who take pride in their work and equipment, S.D. & G. Milk has been able to expand to not only hauling cow milk but also water, goat milk, and other dairy by-products are all being picked up, hauled and delivered efficiently.


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